39. kiṃ kulena viśālena

किं कुलेन विशालेन
विद्याहीनस्य देहिनः ।
अकुलीनोऽपि विद्यावान्
देवैरपि सुपूज्यते ॥

kiṃ kulena viśālena
vidyāhīnasya dehinaḥ

akulīno’pi vidyāvān
devairapi supūjyate

विद्याहीनस्य देहिनः (vidyāhīnasya dehinaḥ) = for a person without knowledge
किं विशालेन कुलेन (kiṃ viśālena kulena) = what is the use of great lineage?
विद्यावान् (vidyāvān) = one with knowledge viz., a wise person
अकुलीनः अपि (akulīnaḥ api) = even if not from a great lineage
देवै अपि सुपूज्यते (devai api supūjyate) = is worshiped even by deities

Meaning: What is the use of a great lineage for a person without knowledge? A wise, even if not from a great family, is worshiped even by deities.

Credits: Courtesy Brahmachari Ved Chaitanya of Chinmaya International Foundation (CIF), I realized that learning one Sanskrit verse a week is not a big deal. In this series, I am just repeating what has been taught by Shri Vedji as part of Sanskrit for Shastra-Study Course by CIF. The classes for this course are available on YouTube here.
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