44. guṇavajjanasaṃsargāt

याति नीचोऽपि गौरवम् ।
सूत्रं शिरसि धार्यते ॥

yāti nīco’pi gauravam

sūtraṃ śirasi dhāryate

गुणवत्-जन-संसर्गात् (guṇavat-jana-saṃsargāt) = due to association with noble people
नीचः अपि (nīcaḥ api) = even a wicked person
गौरवं याति (gauravaṃ yāti) = gets greatness
पुष्पमाला-प्रसङ्गेण (puṣpamālā-prasaṅgeṇa) = being associated with a garland
सूत्रं शिरसि धार्यते (sūtraṃ śirasi dhāryate) = a thread is worn on head.

Meaning: Due to company of noble people, even lowly get greatness. Being with a garland, thread is also worn on the head.

Credits: Courtesy Brahmachari Ved Chaitanya of Chinmaya International Foundation (CIF), I realized that learning one Sanskrit verse a week is not a big deal. In this series, I am just repeating what has been taught by Shri Vedji as part of Sanskrit for Shastra-Study Course by CIF. The classes for this course are available on YouTube here.
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P.S.: All errors / mistakes are my own