5. śivaṃ śivakaraṃ

शिवं शिवकरं शान्तं
शिवात्मानं शिवोत्तमम् ।
प्रणतोऽस्मि सदाशिवम् ॥

śivaṃ śivakaraṃ
śāntaṃ śivātmānaṃ śivottamam

praṇato’smi sadāśivam

शिवम् (śivam)= to Lord Shiva – one who is auspicious
शिवकरम् (śivakaram) = to one who makes everything auspicious
शान्तम् (śāntam) = to one who is calm
शिव-आत्मानम् (śiva-ātmānam) = to one who is auspiciousness in core
शिव-उत्तमम् (śiva-uttamam) = to one who is most auspicious
शिव-मार्ग-प्रणेतारम् (śiva-mārga-praṇetāram)= to who started the path to Shiva
सदाशिवम् (sadāśivam)= to one who is ever auspicious
प्रणतः अस्मि (praṇataḥ asmi) = I prostrate.

Credits: Courtesy Brahmachari Ved Chaitanya of Chinmaya International Foundation (CIF), I realized that learning one Sanskrit verse a week is not a big deal. In this series, I am just repeating what has been taught by Shri Vedji as part of Sanskrit for Shastra-Study Course by CIF. The classes for this course are available on YouTube here.
Image courtesy: Manju Sattiraju
P.S.: All errors / mistakes are my own